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Some tips to get 5-star comments on Airbnb

People who use Airbnb rely on reviews, in fact, almost everyone reads comments nowadays before getting a service or product. Instead of asking your friends if they have used a product, you may believe a stranger when they say they have had a good experience somewhere.

The world focuses on reviews, that’s exactly why your Airbnb management should focus on achieving 5-star comments. Not only will this give you more visibility, but you will also have more guests using your short term rentals. How can you begin receiving 5-star reviews?

Meet expectations

In a growing sharing economy, Airbnb allows potential travelers to read the evaluation of your short-term rentals, then decide whether they want to stay with you or look elsewhere.

After welcoming your first customers, the first task is to get a five-star review. To do this, you must be honest in describing your product and make sure it matches reality. Better describe the apartment in a general way to make room for surprises than say to much or even worse, describe benefits that you have not had time to add in your home. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers!

Be honest

Everyone indeed wants to stand out from the competition by putting their strong points forward. However, some hosts build their ad on little lies. This is one of the reasons why travelers will not give you a favorable review. Be honest, is your accommodation really 5 minutes away from public transportation? Do not say it’s a 5-minute walk when it’s a 20-minute jog. Travelers will like to know that your Airbnb ad is as presented online to better plan their stay!

Trigger a positive emotion

If basic expectations are just enough, your guests will not remember you for the next year. You must aim to bring positive emotions to your guests. You should find a personal touch that resembles you and that you know to offer as a gift. A small box of chocolates or a bottle of wine? Use your imagination. Moreover, if they have the chance to communicate with you, some travelers like to give back. For example, by buying a small decorative figurine or a new coffee cup. Tune in for safety’s sake!”

Little things matter

What constitutes the 5-star review you are looking for are the little things that will usually go unnoticed. Leaving handwritten notes to your guests on where they can get the best coffee or bar serving the best martini in the area. These small gestures matter and your guests will appreciate it by giving you a five-star review. You could offer them help to book a table in the best restaurant in the city. All this may seem trivial and unimportant, however, when it comes to exceeding expectations for your vacation rentals, it’s important.

Here is a great truth; if you focus on the five-star, you may not get it. However, if you focus on the comfort of your guests, you will get more than the comments you want.