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Frequently Asked Questions

Cozyhosts is a company that values ​​effort, self-development and attention to detail. Real estate being an area directly linked to customer service, Cozyhosts builds its team with individuals passionate about their career. Consequently, thanks to our experience and our execution, our property management service stands out.

Yes. With Cozyhosts you have constant access to your accounts on rental platforms, and our Super Host account is co-host to your listing. This does not change the ranking of the listing if you are not yet a Super Host, but the Super Host logo inspires confidence in travelers when they come to make a reservation.

The Cozyhosts account appears in the foreground while the owner's account grows as it develops its reputation.

Yes. The costs of a management company are tax deductible. At the beginning of each month, our customers receive a detailed invoice. Ask your accountant for more information.

Yes. Cozyhosts offers management services to tenants but only if written permission from the owner is provided.

Cozyhosts creates a portal for owners, so that you can see the statistics of your rentals. In addition, you receive the income directly into your bank account the second day after the client's arrival. At the end of the month, the management fees are invoiced directly in the portal.

Cozyhosts maintains an eco-friendly approach by using reusable containers. Our services include the cleaning and hygienic products. Such as: Toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, soap for; hands, body, dishes, and dishwasher. Also, we offer garbage bags, a waste management service, and a Netflix account to entertain our travelers! (condition may apply)

No. Cozyhosts manages short-term rentals for periods of one year minimum.

Yes. There are several rental platforms on the market. Such as; , , ,, and others. There are also search engines such as which combines several platforms to facilitate the travelers search. By using a property management system, you can synchronize your calendars and display your listing on multiple platforms at the same time.

Autonomous arrival is a criterion that mostly meets the short-term rental costumers. In a growing sharing economy, travelers like to have the flexibility and the independence of entering your rental without any constraints. Also, independent arrival allows the listing to be visible to a larger number of travelers such as those who travel professionally. Hand-to-hand key exchange is great for having human interaction and getting to know your travelers. However, when the clients are late due to traffic or due to a delay at the airport, our team finds that the trip starts on a stressful note since they are doing their best to arrive on time. In the majority of cases, a simple and effective autonomous arrival contributes to provide a better arrival experience.

No. Cozyhosts only provides the complete management of the listings.

If you fear having bad experiences in your short-term rentals, the most effective and least intrusive way is to install a decibel meter in your apartment. It's a device connected to Wi-Fi that notifies you when the noise in the room reaches a critical level. It's important to indicate in your listing that you have that electronic device for privacy purposes.

Yes. Cozyhosts offers a virtual management service. We establish a relationship with suppliers in your sector. Our virtual management services can help owners who do not have the resources of a qualified team.

No. The percentage of management fees is applied to net income. After all the expenses. The expenses include the costs of the short-term rental platform, the costs of cleaning by our subcontractor and the taxes.

Cozyhosts claims to have a valid third-party liability insurance for damage that may be caused by any Cozyhosts employee and agrees to maintain it for the duration of the agreement.