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We take the time to manage your vacation rentals

  • You collect 100% of the income 24 hours after the arrival of the customers
  • Management services are billed to you at the end of the month
  • Keep access to the rental platforms at all times
  • Cozyhosts makes the pricing management for you

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Location of our services

Cozyhosts is a passionate team didicated to the the success of your investments.


The natural beauty in the province of Quebec is breathtaking. Cozyhosts offers outdoor sports enthusiasts the comfort of renting your chalet.


With more than 15,000 homes displayed on the Airbnb platform, Montreal is a must-see city for tourists. Cozyhosts is pleased to welcome travelers from around the world.


Barbados is a must-see island in the Caribbean. Not only for its culture, but also for its quality of life and for its remarquable weather. Cozyhosts is glad to share its know-how with the investors in Barbados.

Recommend a friend

Cozyhosts is growing mainly thanks to customer referrals. To thank the owners for their trust, $150 will be deducted from the next bill for each referral.

What is included in Cozyhosts services?

Cozyhosts maintains an eco-friendly spirit by using reusable bottles. Our services include cleaning products and hygienic products. Conditions may apply.

Professional Photographer

A professional photography of your rental is offered free of charge to our new customers. Conditions may apply.