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5 tips to attract attention with your Airbnb photos

Taking amazing photos is a must for anyone who wants to become a great Airbnb host. The need to take great pictures could not have been more felt than in today’s world of selfies and Instagram.

To have multiple reservations demands you to present your short term rental in the best possible way. Part of your success depends on the quality of your photos. At least, technically. Nobody wants to rent an apartment that does not seem inviting.

Let’s start with the tips for taking the best photos.

Hire a professional

Almost all areas have an expert. The best thing to do is to hire a professional photographer to get the best results. Even if you think your pictures are beautiful, pay for the best results. The return on investment will be much higher than the price you paid. A professional real estate photographer knows what travelers are looking for and your product will be well presented.

Use the best camera on which you can get your hands on

If you can not hire a professional, you must use the best camera you can find. With a powerful camera, you can be sure that your images will be clear, detailed and bright. You will love the result you get.

Also, using a tripod for your camera is recommended, so that you get roughly the same angle and height for each photo. In short, a tripod will give you excellent results.

Learn the basics of photography

It does not matter if you only use your phone, it’s good to learn the basics of photography. Familiarize yourself with the terms and use several techniques to obtain the desired shots. Wide angles, ISO speed, exposure, aperture, or shutter speed. In short, these key elements found in free tutorials on YouTube will help you understand the results you need to achieve.

Take pictures from the corners

Success depends on deciding to put the attention on what matters. Taking pictures from the corners makes it possible to see the whole room with an optimal width. The harmony and choice of your photos will take your ad to the next level.

Even when you’ve taken the best picture, don’t be afraid to tweak the brightness or contrast for better results.

Display your pictures in order

When you display the photos on the short-term rental platform, it is imperative to upload them in order. This way, you will not confuse the customer when he’s looking at your ad. Start with an attractive photo, then show the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms and, etc.

Mixing the photos creates a lack of fluidity in your traveler’s shopping experience. For example, if you show a photo of the living room, followed by the bathroom, a bedroom, the kitchen, another bedroom, the exterior and the bathroom again. Your customer will have a hard time imagining themselves in your Airbnb.

Besides, having a plan of the apartment can help customers imagine where they will be staying. There is so much choice and competition, you can’t afford to be messy.

To a certain extent, the occupancy rate of your short term rentals is based on your ability to display great photos. It’s an effort that will pay off for a long time!