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9 tasks to accomplish for a flawless Airbnb Cleaning

Your Airbnb management strategy must include maintaining the cleanliness of your vacation rentals as a priority. Hiring professional housekeepers is essential. Let’s start with the tasks to be performed to ensure a flawless cleaning before the arrival of your guests.

Air out the rooms

The first step in cleaning your vacation rentals is to air out the room. The odors and bacteria left by the last customers must be eliminated completely. To do so, open the curtains, some windows and the lights to make sure you don’t miss anything. You should not miss the first impression of your future client. A clean Airbnb is essential.

Track down the dust

Dust can be anywhere, you need to make sure to sweep all the corners and under the beds. There is no harm in checking after your housekeeping team. Reasonably use the good old trick of sliding your index finger over surfaces to find out when your housekeeping crew last visited. Your Airbnb management must be centered on the pleasure of your guests and cleanliness is an important element.

Clean the kitchen

The kitchen is an integral part of short-term rentals and must be thoroughly cleaned. Remember to check the inside of the refrigerator, under the countertops, the inside of the cabinets, below the range hood, to clean the surfaces with products that are not corrosive to materials and your appliances. Cleanings are frequent, so make sure it is done right. Also, leave the counters as empty and as clean as possible. Empty countertops give the impression of having a bigger kitchen.

Keep the bathroom sparkling

Many people will generally want to know how clean the bathrooms are before settling into an Airbnb. Take care of every detail to make your bathroom flawless. Pay attention to the products that are being used and have it cleaned effectively. No hair is tolerated!

Remove all personal belongings

It can be embarrassing to find personal belongings in an Airbnb. Make sure you remove it all. If you need storage, use a lock on a closet for private storage. Keep in mind that there must be storage left for your travelers.

Clean walls and all surfaces

All surfaces should be cleaned to remove stains and residue left by previous guests. Walls are a part of the apartment that is often overlooked and has an undesirable effect if it’s left dirty. Use products such as M.Net Magic Eraser to remove suitcase stains from bedroom walls.

Clean windows and doors

Doors and windows are places that increase the perception of size and natural light. However, they are often overlooked as well. Windows should be cleaned at least once a year depending on the type of rental. Everything is in the details!

Make sure there are no maintenance issues

Nobody wants to have to contact the owner 5 minutes after a check in. Make sure everything is working properly before your customers arrive. If there is a problem, notify your customers in advance. Also, give a date or time to inform them proactively when it will be fixed.

No garbage is tolerated

Do not leave garbage that needs to be thrown out  in your Airbnb. Take it out before the check in. It’s very basic, but many hosts forget how important it is not to have garbage in the garbage bins.

Cleanliness will give you a peace of mind and you will continually attract the travelers you need!