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How to be a good Airbnb host ?

1. React quickly

When there is an unexpected situation that requires your attention, do not panic and most importantly, do not make false promises to your guests. In the management of your listing, it is inevitable to face problems. As the saying goes; ” the problems we face are erased.”

For example, let’s say that your central air conditioning system stops working during the weekend, the thermostat indicates 41 degrees Celsius in the dwelling and that a technician wants to charge you double time for a repair. 

An easy way to do this would be to offer a discount and tell travelers that a technician will be passing after they leave. In addition to having lost money, after the stay, travelers will not forget to leave their disapointment as a listing review.

You can use a mobile air conditioning unit in case of emergency. You can also buy one and return it after the repair! There’s a problem when you can not find a solution.

The right way to act would be to take the situation in hand by reassuring your customers. Let travelers know that even though the situation is out of your control, you will do your best to accommodate them. Then make an appointment as soon as possible to make the installation.

In sum, in most cases, there are ways to make your travelers happy, but it takes work and responsiveness!


2.  Listen

Your travelers want to know that you are available and easy to reach. Do not miss the chance to make a good first impression.

Also, guests are the only ones who fully experience the apartment. By listening to their point of view and caring about their well being, you will inevitably improve your service and your product.

This is not only about getting excellent reviews but also about offering people a place for their holidays. Each traveler comes from a different background and want to share their stories. Learning from different traveler’s points of view is priceless.


3. Keep your calendars up to date

If you want to have a presence on several  short term rental sites, you can connect your calendars together in order do not have double bookings. There are several ”PMS ” (property management systems) that can help you synchronize all your calendars. However, a PMS can be overpriced. It becomes less expensive when you have several rentals.

When a cancellation on a short-term rental platform such as Airbnb occurs, it can harm your visibility. It is highly recommended to get to know the platform you are using in order to not have bookings for an important period of the year at ridiculous prices.

Believe it or not, some travelers search several months before their stay to find that rare pearl. Specifically, to find and benefit from the host who has not paid attention to the price of his calendar.

Keep an eye open!


4.  Analyze your product with hindsight

Often the product that we offer is inevitably filtered by our way of thinking. You may do the decoration, taking pictures, cleaning and so on. It’s great because you have to start somewhere! However, how do you know if your intentions are not interpreted differently by your travelers?

For example, at Cozyhosts we happen to have taken the management of a none decorated apartments and furnished without any touch of attention. There was a mattress with no headboard, no bedside table and empty walls.

An owner can think with reason; ” people come here to sleep, I want him to explore the city! ”. Although the client loves the neighborhood, there is a good chance that he will not come back. After spending the week rummaging in his suitcase to find his crumpled clothes, next time he will goes to your neighbor’s house!

In short, to have a product loved by all, one of the best ways to succeed is to compare your listing to hosts who seem to be loved in your neighborhood and seek advice from those who are already successful.