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Is the management company you've hired doing a good job ?

1. A team that works transparently.

How do you know if travelers are satisfied with the service they receive? If your manager preserves the usage of your account, how do you know if all messages are answered on time, if your stats improve, or if your apartment description is complete to optimize search results?

One way to find out is to have access to the management platform. Essentially, the point is not to do the work for your manager, but rather, to check from time to time how your listing is going. In short, you will see that over time, you will gain trust and you won’t even think about it!


2. A company that cares about details

Attention to details. The operation manager goes beyond the arrival and the departure of travelers. It is also about sharing strategies with owners and referring them to professionals when necessary.

Outdoor landscaping may be neglected, a shower cartridge may need to be changed, or a worn-out floor might be covered up by a carpet. In most cases, homeowners hire managers because they do not have the time. It is important to inform homeowners of any development or possible improvement to their real estate.


3. A company that communicates quickly

To provide the best possible service, the company must be available to answer queries as soon as possible. Not only does the listing average response rate improves your visibility in search results, but it also inspires confidence for potential travelers. A 100% response rate indicates that you answer all your messages in less than an hour.

To establish a structure, in addition to daily communications, Cozyhosts sends personalized automatic messages for each apartment. This way, the traveler quickly finds his bearings and receives a promotion several months after his stay. In a technology-driven world, short-term rental management needs to be proactive!


4. They take care of filling your calendars

The management of a calendar with less than 60% of reservation must be done actively by your manager. To increase your visibility, several factors are taken into consideration by the search engines.

For example; the rate of acceptance of bookings and the speed of responses, attractive photos, and an easy-to-read listing, a catchy title and active management of rental rates. Cozyhosts is actively involved in rental platforms such as Airbnb.

To do this, we use a management system that modify prices several times a day based on the events around your apartment. In short, while filling your calendar, this way of working can optimize on important days such as conferences, cultural exhibitions or business events nearby that are less known by all.


5. A professional cleaning team

In the field of short-term rentals, the cleanliness of your home is a key criterion for your success. Cleaning must be routinely performed using a routine to disinfect, dust off and clean your apartment after the departure of each traveler.

The cleaning team must be punctual, organized and professional. Indeed, it is common for travelers to forget their belongings or money in the apartment. Therefore, communication is essential to coordinate the return of lost items and prepare the accommodation before the arrival of the next customers.