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Three Reasons to Use A Property Management System

Automate the guest experience with automatic messages


You can easily automate the guest experience with the use of scheduled automatic messaging. Property management systems are largely based on the need to increase communication between guest and hosts and you can easily schedule messages before, after and during a reservation. The system usually offers more flexibility and maneuverability when it comes the time to automate messaging, pricing and calendars. Customers will feel a sense of structure. The beauty is that you can plan everything with confidence.


Optimizing the prices of your touristic residence


As price management is fully automated and integrated into certain property management systems, the prices of your short-term rentals can be fully optimized. As such, the pricing system is not only optimized, but it also adapts to your market. Even if you use a rental platform like Airbnb for your property, you can adjust your prices to your markets and the events happening around your property. Airbnb ‘smart’ prices will not get you the most money but it will give you a high occupancy rate. In short, you have to be able to display a price that is not too high to have reservations and a price that is not too low to leave money on the table.


Multichannel management functions


For owners of multiple Airbnb listings, multi-channel management of the property management system means there is no need to manually control multiple calendars. In fact, the system synchronizes the different rental platforms and allows them to display a different price on each rental site if necessary.


If you want your tourist residence to be in sync with the fast pace of hotel rentals, you must get a property management system like Tokeet, Guesty, Lodgify, IGMS, Hostyapp or many others. You will benefit from unprecedented communication and also the possibility of creating accounts for your employees for them to receive notifications on upcoming tasks. In short, see which management system is best for you depending on how much properties you have.